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(Contains: strong language)
Warnings: Yummy foods, hormones, college drinking, swearing, and some other stuff I haven't thought of yet

Pairings: Cid/Vincent

Author's note: Long delay again. x.x Sorry. Blame Tera. DX that game is an addiction for me. Oh and work. x.x A lot of issues involving work.


Culinary Boy 18

It felt like the walk home seemed to do some good in helping Cid to calm down, even if Cid did walk ahead of him the whole time. Vincent stared at Cid's strong back, counted the amount of cigs he smoked until he ran out of them with a violent curse. He himself was too busy contemplating just what all he was going to say to the other man. The one thing he was sure of was that he couldn't lie again. He'd already destroyed Cid's trust in him. There really was no reason to make it even worse. He didn't want to think about how much that made his chest hurt, to know that Cid couldn't full bring himself to believe in him again.

As Cid went into their room, Vincent hung at the door with a frown that looked permanently etched into his face. He was getting cold feet but could anyone really blame him? He'd been trying to avoid this very thing from happening which was all thanks to Sephiroth…and to that girl Shera. The fact that Cid had stayed silent the rest of the walk home bothered him more than it should have. He knew the reason why though. He was scared. It wasn't something he liked to admit, but Vincent was scared of Cid leaving him.

It was a noticeable fact that Sephiroth wanted him for one reason or another, more so evident to Cid by yesterday's short greet and meet. Would Cid leave him because of that? Maybe he'd leave out of fear for what could happen to him. Vincent couldn't say he blamed him. Even Zack was really careful concerning Sephiroth and his family.

"What are ya doing?" Cid had come back to the door, frowning though the glare and look of distrust was still there in his eyes. It hurt to look into the eyes that normally brought him peace. Vincent glanced down at the floor. His mouth opened fluttering for an answer before the words froze in his mouth as the blond grabbed his wrist dragging him into the room. "Hurry the fuck up so we can get this over with."

Vincent frowned following him in ignoring the feeling of butterflies flying in his stomach. Whether it was from Cid touching him or the thing they were about to talk about right now, he wasn't sure. Fear was definitely eating away at his thoughts right now. He was waiting for Cid to tell him to get the fuck out and never speak to him again. Maybe he'd just beat him and leave him for dead. These were the thoughts running through Vincent's mind before he found himself being embraced in heavy arms. He tensed in surprise before he heard the words slipping from Cid's lips into his ear.

"Fuck…why? Why the fuck do ya keep lying to me?"

…So Cid knew. Cid knew he'd been lying for quite some time now. But he'd never bothered to say anything about it. Why? Was it because of the trust he had in Vincent? Because he believed in him? Damn, this was making him feel even worse. How much of a damn loser could he be? But…he had to. If he wanted to keep Cid and his family safe, he'd had to lie.

Right now, he had to make a decision. If he kept up with the lie, if he broke it off with Cid now, he could keep him safe. It was obvious Sephiroth wanted him…he could still stay with him. At least it'd be quicker to pay off his debt to the man if he was living with him and giving him everything he wanted. But he still had the choice of telling Cid the truth and putting his boyfriend in danger…. Damn it, neither option sounded very good now. But he had to choose. Otherwise he was sure Cid would choose the option for him.

"…I did it to protect you." A coward. He was too much of a coward to hurt Cid like this any longer. Even if it was shortening the other man's life just by him being involved. Why couldn't he just walk away from him?

The body wrapped around him froze before Cid leaned back, blue eyes staring at him in confusion at the words. Cid swallowed slightly, looking like he was working up the nerve to speak again before the soft word slipped out of his lips filled with so much meaning even though it was so short. "…What?"

Staring back into those eyes, Vincent knew there was no going back now. He'd have to explain the things he'd been through for weeks since Amy's illness came into the picture. He stepped back walking over to the window to stare out at the darkened streets below. It sure got dark out fast but it helped to relax him, darkness being more a comfort to him instead of something to be feared.

"The day I took Amy to the hospital," he said starting off with that and swallowing slightly. "I told you about how Dr. Hojo took care of her." He could imagine Cid nodding behind him staring at his back with a frown on his face. "Her care wasn't free." He turned glancing at his face before looking at the floor. "I signed an agreement. In exchange for saving her life, I had to agree to work it off." He frowned thinking about it again, remembering that man's intense stare. He knew what his son was into. He knew that his son had an infatuation with Vincent. "Part of that agreement was that I had to do whatever they wanted me to. They being both Hojo…and his son Sephiroth."

Nothing but silence spoke to him in return. He took a chance on looking up at the other seeing only a blank expression being returned. There was nothing to read there on the usually expressive face. It was more than a little eerie and made him actually take a step back to lean against the windowsill, staring…waiting.

"…I'm going to kill him." Cid said it suddenly while heading towards the door leaving Vincent staring at him stupefied before the taller male rushed after him.

"Wait, Cid!" Vincent reached out grabbing hold of Cid's wrist stopping him in panic. "Don't do anything!"

"I'm not going to let that asshole get away with messing with my boyfriend!" Cid struggled to pull himself free, initially pulling Vincent along with him who was powerless against his stronger, angrier body. "Vin, let me go! Let me kill him!"

"No! Stop! Cid!" There was no getting to the man. The rage was taking over. Vincent had never seen Cid get so angry before. Part of him was glad that it was in defense of him, but there was no way he could let Cid see Sephiroth and give away that he told him everything. It looked like he'd get his way when Cid tripped getting off balance and falling with the inevitable chain reaction of Vincent falling with him. The landing was soft for Vincent, well at least as soft as Cid's muscled body would allow anyway. It took the wind right out of him causing Cid to grunt underneath him as vertigo seemed to reach its maximum level.

It took Vincent a moment to sit himself up, his dazed eyes glancing around before he realized where he was again and backed off of Cid quickly. "Cid!" He reached down shaking the man by his shoulder and staring at his back scared at the lack of motion from the other's body. "Cid, are you ok?!" He was about to freak out and call the cops when the other's words reached him.

"…Why?" Vincent blinked staring down at the body before Cid turned his head just enough that he could look up at Vincent with one eye. The red eyed male could clearly read the emotional turmoil spinning around in Cid's stormy orb. "Why are ya protecting that jerk?"


"Why Vin?" Cid yelled out cutting him off, the anger and frustration boiling up again as he narrowed his eye. "Damn it, why the hell are ya protecting him?! Ya two fucking dating?! Fuck, are ya doing more than that with him?!"

"What?! Cid, we're not-"

"Two timer!" Cid sat up then, yelling and glaring at him. "Just using me! That's all it is! Just fucking use me like toilet paper for ass wiping!"


"I don't want to hear it!" He yelled glaring at him hard, his eyes looking red like he was on verge the tears. It was nowhere near as red as Vincent's natural eyes though. But it still crushed the ebony haired male to see Cid like this. "I can't believe how much of an idiot I was! I'm a fucking-"

"Cid, just listen to-"

"-idiot for believing you actually-"

"I didn't want you to die!" The outburst and the way he grabbed Cid's shoulders startled them both. Somehow they were both breathing hard staring into each other's shaky eyes. It was the first time he'd ever raised his voice at Cid, the second he'd even had an argument with the man. He knew he was scared for the very words he'd burst out. He feared for his family and for this man's life. And for that he was willing to give up his own for them. That was why he agreed. So they'd be safe. But he wasn't prepared for all of this, for this fight to ever start, for him to have to admit to those fears again.

"Vincent…what…did ya…?" He sounded just as stunned as he looked, his voice coming out softly as if he was afraid of making too much noise. Vincent's words were slowly catching up to him. It meant something really deep was going on for Vincent to even mention anything about him dying. This was more than just a normal little tiff involving some jealous stalker or whatever Sephiroth was. Cid had to be wondering just how much trouble Vincent was in. It was time to explain everything in detail now.

"Sephiroth…threatened to kill you and my family if I tried to retaliate," he said trying not to put as much emotion into the words as he felt on the inside. "Yesterday, he…he threatened to do something to you if I didn't go along with it. I have to work there. Melissa and Mrs. Cook are gone."

"Wait, what? What the hell happened to them?"

It was like he couldn't hear Cid talking to him now, his words just came out quickly, every feeling he'd held in these last few weeks were bubbling out, and he couldn't stop the flow of it. "I wasn't supposed to say anything to you! If I said anything to you, he'd kill everyone close to me!" Vincent clenched his hands on his knees. "I can't lose you all!"


"I can't!" He lifted his head, eyes crazy with fear. "Cid, I can't! I can't do it! Please…don't…don't tell him…if he finds out I told…" He trailed off, staring ahead of him feeling his gaze get unfocused as his thoughts got carried away. This house was owned by Sephiroth. What if he had cameras around or tape recorders? What if he'd already messed up by telling Cid all of this? Had he already written out a death sentence for his family? For Cid? He shouldn't have told him. What if Sephiroth found out? What if he already knew? What was he going to do then?

Cid wrapped his arms around him. Just being wrapped up in the warm arms of the person he was trying to protect was too much for him. The tears fell before he could stop them, his hands clutching at Cid's shirt feeling both relief and guilt at his confession. He hadn't cried since he'd been a child. With all of this happening all at once, it was just too much for him.

He could hear Cid gently shushing him, could feel the numbing effect Cid's voice had on him. It might have been too much when he felt his body shutting down forced into a world of needed slumber. His throat hurt, his eyes burned. He felt miserable and he hated it. But there was nothing he could do, not right now. He wasn't sure how long he'd been down, reduced to sniffling and finally just complete silence. But with everything he'd gone through in just one day, sleep caught up to him before he could fight it. And because he was still in Cid's arms, he could feel nothing but the care of the other male watching over him.


When he woke up the next morning, he was alone. It seemed Cid had carried him to bed seeing as he didn't wake up on the floor. He couldn't remember ever falling asleep last night, though the memories from that time didn't do anything to make him feel any better. He was tired still, his brain ached from everything. Coffee could probably help but he really didn't feel like getting out of the bed if he didn't have to.

There was still one more day before classes would start and he didn't have to start his new job until later tonight. Cid had been nice enough to leave a note on the nightstand for him saying that he had to go in early at the automotive shop…which was weird because Cid never went in at this time of the day. Was the shop even open this early? No, Cid was obviously avoiding him. Otherwise, he wouldn't have left him when he'd normally be begging Vincent to come to the shop with him.

Could he blame the man? He'd be surprised if he stuck around at all. To know your life was being threatened would scare anyone. Of course, Cid would stay away from him. Though it wasn't a bad thing. The less Cid hung around him, the better off he would be and the less likely Sephiroth would feel the need to want to kill him.

Vincent showered before calling his mother to check on his family, smiling slightly when he learned everyone was ok. It meant Sephiroth hadn't done anything…yet. That was if he knew about what happened. He'd keep checking up on them, though. Keeping tabs and being reassured by their voices. He had to…he'd go insane if anything happened to them.

By afternoon with no phone calls from Cid, he was starting to think the man really ran away. He found himself staring at his phone, hoping for something. He'd tried texting a couple of times, asking how Cid was doing and if everything was ok. He'd done that around lunch time. Two hours later and he still hadn't received anything. It was until the start of the third hour that he started to panic wondering if Sephiroth had actually figured everything out and killed him.

"Hey, you alright?" Zack stopped in front of his open bedroom door, frowning as he looked in at Vincent sitting on the edge of the bed.

"I'm fine," Vincent said closing his phone and sitting it behind him. No, he wasn't fine. Either Cid was dead somewhere or he'd completely run away. Neither thought was helping his overactive imagination right now. He remembered Sephiroth saying something about messing with Cid's car. What if he went to the shop to work on it and got into a car accident while test driving it? Didn't he say he was almost done with it? Or maybe Cid left and went back to his old home, or convinced the school to give him a dorm.

"You don't look alright." Zack invited himself in, moving to kneel in front of Vincent as he looked up at him. "I haven't been your friend all these years without knowing when something was wrong. Hell, I can assume I'm your best friend by now. So you know you can tell me anything." Vincent didn't as he glanced to the side avoiding the other's honest gaze. He knew Zack would listen. He knew all about Sephiroth…but he was afraid of pulling more people into this. He'd already doomed Cid, maybe even his family. Did he really need to bring anyone else down with him?

"It's about Sephiroth, isn't it?" Zack said frowning and hitting the nail on the head dead center. "We didn't get to finish our talk the last time, but I want to know." A hand came up to rest on Vincent's knee drawing his attention back to his spiky haired friend who was staring up at him dead serious. "What kind of deal did you make with Sephiroth?"

There truly was no hiding this from Zack. He was obviously familiar with Sephiroth's methods, granted Vincent wasn't sure of how that could be. Well he might as well be truthful about it. If Sephiroth already knew and Cid was dead, what was the point? "Hojo. When we were at the hospital, I signed an agreement with Hojo saying that I would do whatever he and Sephiroth wanted to pay them back for Amy's treatments."

Zack blinked, staring up at him. His eyes got wider and wider the longer he looked at him, mouth half open before he spoke. "Vincent, what were you-"

"I had to," Vincent said cutting him off, glaring down at him as he pushed the hand off his knee. "If I hadn't, Amy would have died."

"But you let yourself walk right into their hands!" Zack yelled out before he lowered his voice standing up. "I told you, remember? That Sephiroth's been after you since high school. Hell, it might have even been before that! Damn it…" Sighing, Zack bite at his thumb worryingly. "If it's something like that, it's going to be a little tougher."

"…What are you talking about?" Vincent asked frowning as he stood as well, his eyes glancing to his phone when he heard it buzzing alerting him to an incoming call. Was it Cid trying to contact him back? Or was it the dreaded Sephiroth at his tricks again?

"There's…there's a lot of stuff going on behind the scenes." Zack glanced away from his accusing stare. "I can't really talk about it here but…" He looked at Vincent again, his usually playful physique completely gone in the face of this quiet, almost somber male. "What has he threatened to do if you don't follow his demands?" The phone quieted down but Vincent resisted the urge to look at it, his eyes focused on Zack, debating telling him. But he knew he could trust him. He'd known him how many years now? "…My family. He threatened to hurt my family…and Cid too."

"Hmm…" Zack frowned a little bit looking like he was thinking hard in that spiky head of his. "That's going to be a little tougher…but I think it's manageable." Vincent blinked staring at him in confusion.

"What are you talking ab-"

The phone buzzed again. "You better get that. It might be important." Zack looked down at his watch before he cursed under his breath. "Ugh, I'm going to be late! I'll talk to you later, Vin!"

"Zack!" Too late. The man was quick, already gone before Vincent could even say anything else. He couldn't imagine what Zack was up to. Frowning, he glanced at the phone that once more stopped ringing. Was it Cid? Was it Sephiroth? At least if it was Cid, he could feel safer knowing the man was alive. But what if it was Sephiroth? He only called when he wanted something. What could he possibly make Vincent do this time?

When the phone ring for the third time, he reached down picking up the phone and clicking answer before he had the chance to look at the number. He swallowed, listening to silence on the other end of the line before he spoke breaking the still air around him. "Hello?"

"Vin! Fuck! Ya had me worried sick! Are ya ok?!" Cid. The sound of his voice put Vincent's mind at ease as he fell back on the bed, lying back to look up at the ceiling feeling the pounding of his heart calming down in his chest. How could the sound of one voice make him feel so much better? "Vincent? Vincent, talk to me."

"I'm here," Vincent said sure the relief was there in his voice. He couldn't hide it, couldn't disguise it. He heard Cid let out a breath on the other end, realizing that he'd been just as worried.

"Ya weren't answering your phone, I thought…" Cid didn't continue his words probably out of fear of what he thought had happened. Instead, he changed the conversation all-together. "How are ya holding up?"

"I'm doing fine," Vincent said feeling the smallest of a smile grace his lips. "It's…good to hear your voice. I'd been worried…when I saw you gone. You never texted back, so I thought…that maybe something happened." Or that he'd left. He'd definitely thought he'd left. God, did he have to feel so good about knowing the man of his life still cared about him? Granted the phone call could be from cities away. But then again, it wasn't a good idea to think about that just yet.

"Nah. It's just been crazy here." There was pause, definitely hesitation on the other end of the line. It was enough that Vincent caught on to the fact that something was wrong.

"Did…did something happen?"

"Hm? Oh, nah. Nothing bad happened just…well…" The hesitation again. "I changed my hours at the shop. I'll be working in the morning before I get to my classes." Vincent blinked. That was…well not as bad as he thought it would be. But it was kind of weird.

"Why? Is something wrong at the shop?"

"Oh…oh nothing's wrong. Heh, actually I just kind of uh…took up another job."

"Another job?" Was money that bad for him now? He frowned.

"Yeah. It'll be good to have the extra money. I can save up money for extra car parts. Hell, even for my future plans." No, there was still something missing. It wasn't about the money. Cid said he had a bunch from his dad that was still in savings waiting for him to sign for it and take it all on. There was more going on here for Cid to be so hesitant.

"So…with you having a second job and school…we won't be able to see each other as much." He was right…Cid was avoiding him. This was it. Once they started being apart more, it was inevitable that they'd break up. Then…then he-

"Actually, I doubt that'll change. Since I'm fucking working at that night club you'll be working at."

Wait a minute. "What?" Vincent stared up at the ceiling, eyes wide now from that one sentence. There was no way he'd just heard that.

"I'm going to be working at 7th Heaven as an exotic dancer."

Summary: It should have just been a regular morning for Chris Redfield. He should have been just heading out for his usual every day job. So why did he wake up to find a certain puppy eared male in his bed?

Pairing: Nivanfield

Author's note: Sorry again for taking so long to push this out. x.x Work stress is murder. A lot going on in this chapter, but I think you'll all enjoy it granted it's sadly not as long as last chapter.


My Pet Peeve 13

There were a few things wrong with the way Chris woke up this time. One was the pounding headache he had like he'd just drunk himself under the table the night before and had the worst hangover of his life. Second, he was lying on a cold floor that had done a good job of seeping into his clothes giving his body a chill he really didn't need. Third, his hands had been bound behind his back with tight cuffs that he honestly didn't feel like trying to break loose of in his certain state. And finally, as he opened up his eyes he saw the blurred view of metal bars blocking his vision alerting him to the fact that he hadn't just woke up passed out on his kitchen floor. Where the hell was he?

"Finally awake, huh?"

"Leon?" He could hear the voice but he couldn't see the slightly younger man from the position he was lying in. It didn't help the pounding in his head but he managed to flip himself over lying on his side as he squint his eyes focusing his blurred vision on the cell next to him. Leon sat with his hands cuffed behind his back facing him. The look on his face screamed relief when he saw Chris looking at him. "Where…." Chris cleared his dry throat before trying again. "Where are we?"

"Inside enemy lines," Leon said frowning. "Looks like Ricardo was waiting for us." He sighed turning around and resting his head back against the metal bars looking up at the ceiling. "We walked right into it."

"It doesn't make sense," Chris said frowning and slowly sitting up doing his best to ignore the headache in their current predicament. He must have hit his head pretty hard when he fell. "Did we give ourselves away?" How else would the enemy have figured out who the two of them were?

"For being BSAA agents, I thought you two would be brighter." Ricardo Irving made his appearance, walking in front of their cells looking at them like a mouse would at cheese. "Certainly yous forgot we was after yous guys so of course we'd expect yous." He laughed. "Those disguise are just a load of bu-"

"Is that a mask on your face?" Leon asked smirking at him as he turned himself to look at him. "Because I swear an ugly mug like that can't be real."

"Silence!" Ricardo banged his fist against the bars angrily, his eyes narrowing as he glared at the pretty boy. "If it weren't for those guys wanting yous two alive, I'd have definitely killed yous by now."

"Two?" Chris shook his head, regretting the action immediately when he felt the nausea hit him, clenching his eyes shut against the spinning dizziness he felt. "Who are they?"

"None of your business!" Chris couldn't help wincing in pain when Ricardo banged on the cell door again. "I ain't talkin!"

"Shut up," Chris grumbled out glaring at the guy. "You're making my head hurt."

"And your breath stinks," Leon added in turning his nose up. "Shit, I can smell it way over here. What the hell did you eat?"

"I…yous…ugh!" Frustration was getting the better of him and Ricardo started to reach down to unlock the door before a hand wrapped around his wrist. He looked up, mouth open to retort but his voice stopped and his eyes widened before he looked away from the person. "E-Excella."

"Are you really letting these two mongrels get to you?" The woman spoke, her arms folded now as she looked into both cells. Chris couldn't deny the woman was beautiful though insane to be working in a place like this. She obviously was of high importance to TRICELL if even Ricardo was being quiet around her.

"Finally I'm seeing a pretty face around here," Leon said staring up at her, his words underlying the look in his eyes when he stared at her. "A shame you're working with the saggy faced mutt there."

"Oh yeah?" Ricardo said falling for the retort. "Once I beat your bloody brains in, let's see if yous-"

"Enough!" The outburst from the woman was enough to quiet him. He jumped backing up like a whimpering dog casting his angry eyes on Leon one more time before he left.

"You'll have to forgive my little friend," she said, her voice rich with an accent Chris was sure he'd heard times before on spy movies and such. He slid closer, the headache easing a little as he glared up at the woman.

"Who are you? What do you want from us?"

"So many question in so little time, Christopher." She said the name like they were casual friends as she walked over to stand in front of his cage now. Her fingers reached out brushing against the bars far more intimately than he'd been prepared for. Yet her eyes stayed on him the whole time like a greedy cat. He didn't let her know the stared bothered him as he forced his eyes to stay focused on her heatedly. "But to answer your question, my name is Excella Gionne. I am the regional director for this particular division of TRICELL."

Leon whistled from his side of the cell, but she didn't do anything more than just glance at him before returning her focus to Chris. She seemed almost fixated on him in a way that was starting to bother him before she turned away from him. "Now then. I suggest you boys relax for a little while. It will be a bit longer until we transport you."

"Transport us?" The cuffs around Leon's wrist rattled as he slid closer. "What do you mean? Where are you taking us?"

"You will find out soon, my special little pawns." She laughed as she walked away, her clacking heels receding into the distance even after Leon kept yelling hey after her, his cheek pressed up against the bars.

"She's not coming back," Chris said sighing and flopping back against the bars beside Leon's cell. "For now, we're stuck until we can figure out what they plan to do with us and where."

"Sorry, but I have no intentions of staying here until whenever they decide to come for us again." Chris lifted a brow at him questioningly only to find the other male standing, the handcuff swirling around his finger as he grinned at him. "Hair pin. You should really start keeping them on you."

"I'll save that for my little sister to wear, thanks." He smirked relaxing as he felt Leon working on the handcuffs around his own wrists. As the cuffs popped off, he reached up rubbing his hands around his wrists feeling that his headache had receded enough that it was only a dull pain when he moved. The side effects of the drugs must have been wearing off. "Of course considering how many girl's clothing she puts you in, it's no wonder you're so good at it."

"Shut up," Leon laughed punching his shoulder lightly before their focuses turned to the door. "Looks like we need to work on getting out of there next."

"Shouldn't be hard for you," Chris said shaking his head. "Hell, had these idiots thought about using electronic locks, they might have stood a chance." He hadn't even completely finished his words when Leon popped open the first door before walking over working on his.

"Probably couldn't beat the master of unlocking, can I?" The words just provoked a grunt from Chris at the thought of his ex-girlfriend. But he wasn't so ill-natured as to not find it even a little amusing. It was a nickname Jill had received from one of their close friends, Barry Burton, during a mission she'd been on in her younger days. The girl could seriously unlock some doors, even some of the most impassable types that you wanted to take a sledgehammer too, the option Chris went with first.

As the door opened, Chris stepped out shaking his head at the cocky look on Leon's face as he hid his hair pin once more. "Seriously, you should think about keeping one on you."

"I'll pass," Chris said frowning. "I'll leave the hair pins to you."

"One of these days you'll-" Leon paused in his words, the sounds of footsteps an unwelcomed change to the atmosphere. "We better go. I don't plan on being shipped off as some science project." Chris nodded his head, following after Leon as the two of them vacated in the opposite direction. They were still wearing the lab coats, the white far too noticeable. They were going to have to ditch the coats. By the time they'd made it out into a luckily empty hallway, the lights overhead started to flash red as the alarm started to blare with repeated warning of intruders on the loose.

They took into account the cameras they did find, timing themselves before rushing from one hallway to the next. They paused underneath the camera of another empty hallway, Leon's frown getting deeper as they heard footfalls from the next juncture. Looking back, a couple of guards were turning the corner behind them which only gave Chris a split second to react. Grabbing Leon's arm, Chris tugged him into the room behind them closing the door hoping they had moved fast enough that the guards didn't see them. He saw the shadows of the guards crossing past the room, the sounds of their boots fading away until there was nothing but silence and the hum of machines behind them.

"Shit, Chris, look at that." Chris turned his head to see what it was he was talking about, his eyes widening. They must have stumbled up on some sort of experimental lab. The room was large and seemed to lack the cameras the other places had. Well that was good for them. That meant they didn't have to worry about ducking corners. Moving further in, he was surprised the room was empty with so many experiments going on. Maybe they were hoping to hide the real scientists so they wouldn't mix in. Speaking of which, Chris paused to slip out of the lab coat, Leon glancing at him before following suit. They should have knocked out one of those hoodie wearing guards and taken their stuff. At least then they'd have a weapon to use and a useful disguise.

Walking down the small steps to the center of the room, Chris glanced at the computers seeing small blips of information that made little sense to him. He figured that each pertained to the small specimens in the glasses near each monitor. One was an experiment about a mushroom. While the screen showed only a picture of a regular mushroom, the thing in the cylinder glass was anything but normal. A mushroom with jagged sharp teeth that in a strange since, felt like it was following his every move.

Another glass contained some strange looking organism that looked like something out of someone's nightmare. It was titled Plagas, the body wiggling slightly but otherwise not showing any other reactions. More than a little creeped out, Chris kept walking. He'd seen some…unusual things in the past, but nothing quite like this. Glancing around, he noticed that Leon was kneeling down in front of a door labeled Authorized Personnel Only.

"Door's open," Leon said standing as he pushed the door seeing nothing but darkness on the other side. Chris walked over looking inside really wishing he had his flashlight along with all his other gear. There was a mild glow coming from inside the room, enough that Chris was willing to risk going inside by himself.

"Stay here," Chris said looking back at Leon. The other nodded with a look of understanding. Stay. Guard the door. Because they were still being pursued and it didn't do any good for them to both be inside the room without a clue about what was going on out here. Chris turned back around again giving a sigh to strengthen his resolve as he took a step inside.

The room was much larger than he thought. Once again there was a lack of people around. It was starting to get a little on the weird side now. He wasn't sure if this was making it easier for him not to be spotted, or harder without any people to blend in with. And he really wished he had his gun on him. The lack of the metal at his hips made him feel just a bit vulnerable to the whole situation. Granted he was just as good with his hands or the knife that was also missing.

He came across more of those containers like the ones outside, except these had animals inside like dogs, cats, and wolves. If he'd been a normal person, he would have been a little freaked out by the sight of the creatures. But he was a member of the BSAA. As soon as he saw the creatures, suspicion grew inside of him. TRICELL…. What exactly are they up to? He wished he had the answers, his thoughts going back to the weird Plagas creature out in the main room.

There was another door hidden in the corner of the room. With the lack of light, he would have missed it had he not noticed the strange glow of blue lights coming from beneath the door. He walked over again wishing he had his gun on him as he rested his hand on the knob, hesitating before he pushed it open. Chris stood there, staring at containers holding the human bodies inside. He swallowed feeling his throat going dry, too cautious to enter the room, eyes staying focused on the floating figures lining the walls submerged in blue glowing water. The fact that he could see the bubbles appearing from their nostrils was enough for him to know that they were still alive. Whether they were human anymore was another thing all together.

He backed away slowly before turning around and heading for the door to alert Leon of the situation. TRICELL wasn't just the run of the mill company. They were doing much more than that. He thought they were just making underhanded deals but for them to be experimenting on human beings meant there was much more than at eye level.

"Leon, come look at this."

"I'm afraid he's busy at the moment," a deep voice said freezing Chris on the spot as he felt a shiver run down his body from the familiarity of the voice he hadn't heard in years. No, there was no way. But as he peered out the open door in Leon's direction, it took all he had not to let his mouth drop open. Those dark shades, that tall lanky form couldn't belong to anyone else. He knew who it was but there was no way the man could be standing here with him right now. He's dead. At least he was supposed to be.

"W…Wesker…" Chris stumbled forward, his eyes wide with shock, chest thundering at the sight of the man he'd looked up to for so long. The man that he'd had a crush on since the first time he saw him working for what was, at the time, called S.T.A.R.S. "You…you're alive?"

"Chris…." The sound of his name from that voice tried to send a sparkling tingle of delight through his bones but was stopped cold by the lack of warmth the voice held. He found the smirk fixed on those lips unusual to the point he was feeling more caution than joy. Something wasn't right.

He found out what it was at his last two steps as he looked down seeing Leon's prone body lying on the ground at Wesker's feet. His heart stopped, the gasp clenching in his throat as he stared trying to put two and two together. Leon wasn't the type to be snuck up on easily. He must have been as shocked as Chris to see Wesker alive making his reaction time much slower than it should have been meaning that Wesker had to have been the one to knock him out.

"What's the matter, Chris?" Wesker smirked stepping over Leon's limp body like garbage on the street as he headed in Chris's direction. "You act as though you're not happy to see me."

"Wesker…how…why…." He stepped back at the other's approach, the movement of the other's body pushing him to alertness. Each of Wesker's steps seemed to radiate with some kind of invisible power. Each time Chris felt like the man in front of him was nothing beyond dangerous. Had Wesker been alive all this time? Was the whole thing just a hoax?

Chris had poured his blood into helping to fund this organization. He'd been the one to form Alpha Team, to take responsibility for finding the murders of his long lost partner and friend. Now to see that man standing in front of him, staring at him as if this whole thing was just a game irked him so hard.

"I gave you plenty of clues. I left you everything you needed to find me but it's still taken you this long to accomplish one simple task." Wesker backed Chris up into a corner before he stopped right in front of him, his marginally taller form making him seem to loom over Chris.

"What did you do to Leon?" Chris looked up at him, feeling anger starting to replace the shock and betrayal. He didn't want to think about this anymore. He just wanted to get out of this hellish place.

Wesker stared back at him over the rim of his shades, giving a glimpse of red eyes…which was strange because they had never been red before. Something about this seemed strange. But before he could question it further, Wesker turned away from him giving him the room to breathe as he headed back towards Chris's fallen partner picking him up and draping him over one shoulder like he was nothing but a bag of sugar.

The action rekindling alertness in Chris's body as he started to move forward. "What are you doing with him?"

"Relax. He's not dead…yet." He turned again to face Chris, tilting his head to the slide slightly like some kind of curious bird. Leon lay slumped over his shoulder not looking like he was as heavy as Chris was sure he was. "That will all depend on you though."

"…What do you mean?" He asked as he kept walking, watching Wesker's movements calculating in his head what he could do to get Leon away from him. He didn't let himself think on the fact that this was Wesker or that he was completely clueless about everything that was going on. Instead he let himself run on automatic, stopping in front of Wesker but keeping distance between them to give him time to think.

"Meaning I still have a task for you." He wasn't sure how Wesker had moved so fast that he was standing directly in front of him now. He reached up, the leather of his gloves creaking as he gripped Chris's chin tilting it up as he stared down into brown eyes forcing Chris's breath to freeze up making him momentarily forget the current situation. "The pup."

"…What?" The words registered seconds later causing his face to twist up in confusion.

"Bring me the puppy boy and I'll return to you your best friend."

Piers…what did Wesker want with Piers? It was the only puppy boy he could think of. Then he remembered the sound of Piers's voice when he whispered out Wesker's name. He frowned reaching up and pushing Wesker away from him glaring at him even as the other man chuckled with amusement. He wasn't sure why he was feeling so angry right now.

He was clueless about the history these two had with each other. If Piers regained his memories, would it show him to be nothing more than a sidekick to the traitorous man? Where they lovers? Just friends? Was Piers mixed in with all this mess involving experiments and bioterrorism? He remembered Piers talking about how he could shoot a gun, how he felt like he'd been trained all his life to shoot with the sniper rifle. He said he'd been with others. He'd mentioned thinking he knew Wesker but that he couldn't remember him. Would remembering the older man make Piers leave? Was it better to turn him in case he really was a part of the cause?

"I'll give you 48 hours to find me and bring the pup to me before I take it upon myself to make use of your friend." The lights flickered after his words. Wesker was gone. In his place, however, was a gun and key similar to the one Ricardo used in the elevator. Frowning, he walked over picking up the two items, checking the gun to find six bullets in the chamber. How had Wesker moved so fast? The lights couldn't have been out longer than two seconds. Not to mention to have the time to put these things here and carry Leon away who was nothing more than dead weight at the moment.

That's right...Leon. He needed to bring Piers in order to save Leon. That thought was troubling. Why did he need Piers? Was it because they were partners? But then didn't he see markings on Piers before? As if he'd been experimented on? Didn't he escape from some place? Could that be the place that Wesker was? Maybe they weren't an item after all…but the way the name had come off that tongue…there was something more to this.

Well, one thing was certain. He needed to escape first before figuring out his next plan of action. Piers would know where Wesker was hiding, he just had to remember. Now whether Piers would help him or attack him once he remembered was another thing all together. But…how did he make Piers remember? He only had two days to make it happen. He couldn't leave things like this, leave Leon to be stuck with a psychopath he once considered his friend and mentor.

As the door opened to the room and a couple of guards came inside, he shut down all thoughts in his head but one, escaping from this madness. Then he would confront Piers and find Leon. And if it turned out that Piers was working in cahoots with Wesker…he'd have no choice but to put him down.

My Pet Peeve 13
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Warnings: Yummy foods, hormones, college drinking, and some other stuff I haven't thought of yet

Pairings: Cid/Vincent

Comment: Work is so stressful. x.x Anyways finally finished this chapter.


Culinary Boy 17

Their first night together consisted of snuggling in bed to the sound of Reno banging the newest two legged species he'd found at the nearby club. Vincent was just too exhausted from the move to do anything more than kissing. Both he and Cid had spent all night moving all of their things out of their old dorms and into their new home. Cid was used to moving large objects thanks to working in the automotive business. Vincent didn't have as much luck and was easily tired out with loading everything into the truck. He'd have to take a chance to go by and thank Barret later for letting them borrow his truck. Otherwise this whole moving thing would have been completely impossible…or even more tiring.

Still, besides Reno, things were looking good. The house felt very cozy and he was free to redesign the room as he saw fit meaning putting up his favorite pictures and posters. He spent a good deal of the morning walking with Cid through the neighborhood and checking out things in their vicinity. There was a decent sized park with a basketball court that Cid was determined to make use of later when they had the chance. Not that Vincent was into sports that much. He did remember seeing Cid play a few times back in school for the fun of it, but never for the basketball team.

The most Vincent would do was swim, and that wasn't often. He had a family to take care of after all meaning walking to his brothers' school to pick them up and take them home for his usual babysitting duties and cooking dinner. He just didn't have time for after school programs. Babysitting was just the thing to do when his mother had to go work late at night to feed her family. It was just…normal for him.

He was glad he got to rest through the night seeing as he had work that afternoon. Right now he was watching Cid working on what would soon be their car once he got it up and running. They were using the automotive shop and since Cid was currently had nothing to do while waiting on car parts to come in, he figured he'd work on the car. It was an old hunk of junk that once belonged to Barret. The older man said he was willing to part with it if Cid could fix it.

He was inside right now helping with the car and pointing out the things that needed fixing. Cid would nod in response wiping his sleeve over his face and leaving more mess than had originally been there. It looked like a lot of hard work. Cid was covered in sweat, oily smudges and grime. And somehow that dirty look was really appealing to Vincent right now. But he didn't have time to fantasize about it, or of washing Cid's body down in a shower. He had thirty minutes left before he had to go to work meaning he really needed to get going.

Sitting up, he knocked on the glass getting Cid's attention and waited until the other came out leaving Barret to continue looking at the car.

"Time to go already?" Cid asked, the scent of motor oil wafting off him.

"Yeah." Vincent stared at him only blushing when he saw the other lift a brow at him with a smirk.

"I take it you like what you see," Cid said laughing when it only made Vincent turn redder. The laugh turned to a grin as Cid returned the appreciative stare, looking Vincent up and down. "Don't worry. I like what I see too."

"Ah…" Standing quickly, Vincent gathered his things before he walked over giving him the quickest kiss he could on his lips turning his head to hide his embarrassment. "I'll see you after work."

"Alright," Cid said returning a softer smile. Vincent found himself smiling back before he left heading out and down the street to where the café was. He should have known something was wrong by the lack of people crowding at the door. But if that wasn't enough, the sign taped to the front of the door was a good sign that something was up. Closed indefinitely.

Frowning, he quickly checked his phone to find no message stating anything about the store closing. He called Melissa, the old lady's granddaughter, only to receive a voice happily saying that the person wasn't available to reach the phone and to call back later. Vincent was starting to freak out. Something was wrong, he could tell. Melissa would have told him if the store closed. The sign on the door just didn't feel right. Did something happen to Mrs. Cook and her granddaughter? He turned to head back to the auto shop but ended up bumping right into someone. An apology formed on his lips but the voice that spoke first froze him before he could even utter a word of it.

"What's the hurry?" Vincent looked up catching very intrigued green eyes staring back down at him. Sephiroth stared back at him, a smirk on his lips as he folded his arms over his chest. "It's as though there is a fire nearby."

Vincent turned his eyes away, frowning as he stared at the paper on the door. Was this Sephiroth's doing? As if to answer, the taller male spoke suddenly drawing Vincent's red eyes back to him.

"A shame what's happened to the old lady," Sephiroth said turning to look at the sign like he was telling an old story. Vincent stared feeling the suspicious growing in him. "Her house caught fire last night. The only way for her to make ends meet was to sell her business over. Now she's living in some nursing home somewhere while her granddaughter had no choice but to move in with a friend. A shame she lost her phone in the fire too." The way Sephiroth looked at Vincent after he said it all gave him the answer he was really looking for.

"You did all this," Vincent said, staring at him accusingly.

"I can't control what nature does," Sephiroth said laughing like it was a joke. "The old lady should be happy she wasn't caught in that fire." Vincent frowned. He didn't want to talk to him anymore. The man was sick, his family was just sick. He started to walk, shouldering past Sephiroth before the other's words stopped him once again. "Your boyfriend's fixing up a car to drive, isn't he?" Vincent tensed up and glanced back at him, not gaining any ease from the sadistic smirk on Sephiroth's face. "Would be a shame if the brakes went out on it while he was driving one day."

"What do you want from me?" There was no way he could leave now. Not with that threat hanging up in the air. Sephiroth stepped forward, holding out a business card with the name 7th Heaven on it.

"It used to be a bar," Sephiroth said staring up at him causing him to shift uncomfortably when the eyes started to rake over his body like he'd just found the perfect piece of meat. "But it's changed a bit since then. There's a deli shop inside now. We're looking for someone to cook for them." The look told him who that someone was going to be. "You'll start working there tomorrow night."

"I'd rather not."

"Then maybe you don't mind your Cid being fried when his car blows up while he's trying to start it." He tensed up again staring at Sephiroth with wide eyes. The man couldn't be serious. That was an obvious threat on Cid's life. "Don't bother trying to call the cops about it either. They actually work for us now." Sephiroth chuckled, walking over and draping an arm over Vincent's shoulders as if they were the best of friends. "It's really simple work. The only thing you have to do…is cook."

Sure, it sounded easy but Vincent was still getting this bad feeling that there was more to it than what Sephiroth had said. "Maybe you should check it out," Sephiroth said close to his ear sending a shiver down his back before the older man finally stepped back starting to walk away. "Since you have nothing else to do right now." Vincent frowned staring after Sephiroth before looking down at the card. Well…it couldn't hurt to see exactly what he was getting himself into. He'd text Cid before heading there. Ugh, how was he going to explain this one to Cid without mentioning Sephiroth?


He hated lying, he really did. But it was the only way to get around it. He told Cid that Melissa's grandmother was ill and that she had to shut down the shop for a while. He even said that the card he received was one Melissa gave him for she knew the owner and that he could work there for a while until the shop opened again. Granted the whole, closed indefinite sign did at least help matters. The catch was that Cid would be going with him to check out the new place. And in Vincent's mind, he just hoped that Sephiroth wasn't going to be around when they arrived.

At least the good thing about 7th Heaven was that it was within walking distance of their home and didn't require him taking the bus with all the late night creepers. But there were a couple of things that didn't sit well with either Cid or Vincent. One was the late hours that took it until four in the morning. The other was the fact that-

"It's a strip club?!"

…That it was a nightclub. Somehow, considering who it was that gave him the card, he shouldn't have been surprised, except it led to two more problems. Cid wasn't going to let him work at a place like this. And Vincent wasn't going to let Cid's life be in danger because of him.

"Hell, there's no way I can let you work here, Vin!" They were standing out front of the club, probably looking like to dorky fools considering they were still dressed for work and Cid looked like he'd just finished rolling in a pile of mud.

"I'm only here to cook," Vincent said doing his best to deter Cid's worries even if they did nothing for his own. "It's not like I'll be dancing on stage." Heaven forbid he ever even think that thought. There was no way he could even imagine himself baring himself before everyone and shaking his goods. He could barely even dance at the club the one time he went with Cid and mostly did a few hip sways while really grinding against the man now known as his boyfriend. Hell, it was thanks to those hip sways that he actually got the man to be his boyfriend. Well that and wearing almost nonexistent clothing thanks you Zack and Cloud. The Prick and his accomplice.

"But what if someone tries to hit on you?!"

"…I doubt it." Vincent looked at Cid lifting a brow. "Unless I suddenly grow breast and lose my…thing overnight, I doubt that men are going to want to look at other men."

"I'm a man and I look at you all the time."

"That's because you're gay."

"Bisexual," Cid corrected. Right…Shera. "And how do you know these guys aren't gay or bisexual too?"

"Because they most likely wouldn't come to a club that focuses on seeing women naked." It was a weak argument but he hoped that Cid wouldn't question it. But seeing the frustrated look taking over Cid's face, he knew this was far from over.

"Vincent, I really think you shouldn't-" The words stopped when Vincent leaned down kissing him. It was a dirty trick but it usually worked well as an argument ender of this type. And just as he thought, Cid started to give up on discussing it as he kissed him back making it easy for Vincent to lose himself to the kiss. Ironic they were two guys kissing in front of a straight nightclub.

The kiss broke and Vincent found himself staring down at him still taking the moment to catch his breath. A glance around showed they were the only two people outside at the moment. Good. This would be the perfect time to head back before-

"Cid? Cid, is that you?" Cid looked up past him towards the half opened club door before his eyes widened, his mouth gaping slightly as he stared.


Shera? Wait…that Shera? The one who dated Cid before and ended up dumping him? No, that couldn't be.

"What are you doing here?"

"I work here," she said frowning at him before her eyes turned to look at Vincent. "You must be the new guy Sephiroth mention." She must have known it was him by his red eyes. Who else would have eyes like these? Vincent was speechless, not because of the fact that she knew who he was, but because of the fact that he knew he was busted thanks to her big mouth. He was only just meeting the lady and already he didn't like her.

"…Sephiroth?" Cid's eyes turned looking at Vincent with disbelief. "Don't tell me you're working here because of him." Boy, was that an understatement. "You said Melissa fucking set you up at this place." Anger and betrayal started to grow in Cid's eyes as he stared at him backing away from him. "Were you just lying about that shit?" The glare being directed at him reminded him of the time back at his home where he'd foolishly mentioned wanting to know more about his past…in particularly about this very Shera that was standing there staring at them after ruining the whole moment.

"I…I'll explain everything once we get home," Vincent said feeling defeat. There was no more hiding it. There was no way he could hide it anymore. That look of betrayal was killing him more than he would have thought. He'd been lying for a long time now. He was going to have to explain a lot to Cid and hope against all things that Cid believed him.

"Yeah, you fucking better," Cid said glaring at him before he turned away starting to walk off. He didn't even say bye to Shera who was staring after him. Sighing, Vincent started walking following Cid but staying at a distance giving him space. He couldn't blame Cid for getting angry. He was angry at himself for lying so much to the man he's supposed to love. There was no way he could hide it anymore, what his deal was to Sephiroth and Hojo or how much everyone was in danger because of him. And once he was done explaining it, he just had to help that Cid didn't try to do anything like look for Sephiroth and try to murder him. And that was all if he believed him.

Culinary Boy 17
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Mature Content Filter is On
(Contains: sexual themes)
Summary: It should have just been a regular morning for Chris Redfield. He should have been just heading out for his usual every day job. So why did he wake up to find a certain puppy eared male in his bed?

Pairing: Nivanfield


My Pet Peeve 12

Sleeping was a hard thing to do when your mind was plagued by the last sentence you heard before bed. "I think I might love you too." It was not something he was ready to hear and pretty much remained the only thing on his mind the last five or six hours. So he honestly had no idea when he fell asleep. It had to be some time after the alcohol fully left his system which required a few trips to the john.

His internal clock told him it was late morning by the time he woke up…or maybe a little after since his alarm clock was flashing 12pm at him. The strange thing was that when he sat up looking for an empty bed, he was surprised to see Piers still lying there. He was even more surprised at the fact that Piers hadn't crawled down to sleep with him last night. The tail lay limp against the bed, Piers's limbs tangled in the sheets like he'd had an uncomfortable night's sleep. Even though they'd bought clothes for him, he was still wearing one of Chris's large t-shirts as nightwear. He was going to have to find a way to get the Semi comfortable with wearing pants.

Piers turned his head to face him on the pillow before wincing, his eyes clenching shut before they opened up slowly. He looked like he had the world's worst hangover though his eyes seemed to focus unclearly ahead of him. He didn't try to move or get up, his eyes starting to adjust before they focused on Chris. The older man stared back swallowing slightly, feeling the words from last night being repeated in his head. What did he say? Did he ask Piers about it? No, it wasn't like Piers even knew he heard it since he thought he was asleep. Did Piers even remember saying them? He'd been drunk last night.

"I'll get you some water," Chris said clearing his throat of the roughness of just waking up. Pushing out from his floor palette he left the room and headed down to get a cup of water. Claire and Leon were already awake, looking just as much like grumpy zombies as he did. This was usually the rare time that he got to see Leon not all beautified to perfection. The two sat at the bar counter each with a cup of water sitting in front of them. Neither acknowledged him more than to grunt in regret before nursing the drinks and pretending that the world didn't hate them by giving them a monster hangover. Maybe because Chris was used to drinking much harder stuff than this that he wasn't bothered as much except for the horrid taste in his mouth. Maybe if they hadn't been drunk they would have thought about drinking more water to help alleviate the problem of hangovers.

"Where's the pup?" Leon asked dark rings under his eyes from the lack of good sleep.

"Suffering in bed with a hangover," Chris said walking over and patting Claire's back when she pressed her forehead down against the cool counter to relieve some of the pain. "How long have you guys been up?"

"Not that long ago." Leon lifted up the glass of water holding it against his forehead grateful for the cooling effect it gave him. "By the way, you're probably going to want to mop your floor later."

"You threw up?"

"That was me," the face pressed into the table said. "And I am…never drinking again." She said this every time they got drunk from their games. It'd be only a matter of time until she was plotting out the next lay out outfits and shots.

"We'll I'll make us all something light to eat once I check up on Piers." The quiet hum was all he needed to know they'd heard him before he was heading back up the stairs again. As he came into the room and found the hazel eyes peeking up at him from under the pillow that had been pulled over the Semi's head, he started to remember his words again. Was Piers really in love with him? Could he have been thinking about something else or even just so drunk he didn't know what he was saying? Did he even remember saying them? His eyes didn't show any indication of it at all just that he was feeling the pain of a throbbing headache.

Chris sat the water down on the counter and reached down to help Piers sit up before he held the drink out to him. "The alcohol made your body lose a lot of water," Chris said watching the other tilt the cup back drinking the contents. "This should help you feel better in a little while." Piers must have been thirsty because the cup was empty in seconds. He handed the cup back to Chris before flopping back on the bed and seeming to regret his actions when he winced clenching his eyes shut.

"This is stupid," Piers said draping his arm over his eyes. "I'm never drinking anything like that again."

Chris couldn't help smiling at those familiar words that he'd heard from the others not moments before. "If it helps any, Claire and Leon are looking just as miserable."

Piers chuckled slightly at the words. "Knowing that he feels like crap too does help some." Chris stared down at his plushy lips, his tongue licking at his own to wet them. They looked far too kissable, far too irresistible in his eyes. Did men usually have such sexy looking lips? Had he noticed these lips on Piers before? Did he only start noticing them now after what Piers said? Did he notice them before? Why was he having these thoughts and urges about the much younger male? He hadn't felt this way since Wesker…and a part of that thought scared me.

"You ok, Chris?" He blinked refocusing on Piers finding the eyes with specks of gold and green staring up at him worriedly. The ears flickered drawing his attention to them and he started to reach up to touch them before he clenched his hand shut to avoid following his body's desire.

"Yeah," he said in response to the question, slowly standing to his feet again. "I'm going to make us some breakfast. Try to get some rest in the meantime." Piers's mouth opened like he wanted to say something further but instead he closed it frowning as he nodded his head instead. Smiling, Chris pulled the blanket back over Piers watching the Semi cover his face with the pillow again before he left the room, ignoring the fact that his heart was beating a lot faster than usual. Just a little bit of puppy love, a crush. He'd grow out of it. And if Piers did actually say those words last night, he'd definitely change his mind once he'd been around Chris long enough. They always did.


Piers never did come down for breakfast. Against Claire's suggestions that he let Piers rest, Chris headed back upstairs once two hours had passed. He carried crackers and fresh water up the steps not wanting to take the chance that Piers was feeling sick. It reminded him of the first time that Piers had stayed in his home eating crackers and tuna while making smart comments about there being no steak or spoons.

The door was cracked and he slid inside staring at the lump on the bed that appeared to be still asleep. Really? It was two in the afternoon now, was he really still sleep? But then this was his first time ever drinking as far as Chris knew. It must have taken a real hit for someone not used to drinking at all. Chris moved quietly placing the crackers and water on the nightstand and turned to leave until the grip on his shirt stopped him. Piers was holding on to it, his head resting in the bend of his arm as he continued to sleep like nothing happened, the sheets kicked off till both his legs were exposed. The ears flickered and Chris found himself smiling as he reached down to pet him. He really was like a puppy in a way.

Chris's fingers rubbed behind Piers's human ears and the sound that came out made his hand freeze. A moan. That had definitely been a moan. Had he hit one of Piers's pleasure spots by accident? He did it again testing it out, his finger touching the sensitive skin behind Piers's ear. Piers's eyes twitched, his mouth opening again to moan softly before he bit his lips shifting and curling in on himself more as his hands went between his legs. It sent a shiver down Chris's body to see the reaction, his hand starting to slide down along Piers's neck.


Chris stopped cold dead before he recoiled his hand back staring down at the slumbering Semi like he'd just been slapped in the face. That…that couldn't have been right. The name that should have come out of those lips should have been his. But…why Wesker? Why, of all people, did Wesker's name slip free? Was it part of a suppressed memory? Did it mean the two had known each other? From the reaction, they must have been close…a little too close. His old love interest and his new crush. To think they may have been together. But Piers had just said, not even 24 hours ago, that he loved him right? Or that he thought he loved him at least. Could he have been so drunk he got Chris confused with Wesker? Then did Chris really ever say those words to Piers?


Chris turned around finding the Semi's hazel eyes staring at him, confused, sleepy, and with what appeared to be a bit of worry. He'd sat up some, Chris's mind having been too preoccupied to register the sound of shifting sheets. Even though his mind was boggling over what was just said not even two minutes ago, he forced a smile to his face. "How are you feeling?" The questions in his head were still rapidly beating at his brain demanding answers but for now he would have to ignore them and save them for later.

Piers frowned testing the waters as he slowly sat up. There was no pain swimming in his exotic eyes that Chris found himself looking away from quickly as he busied himself with looking around the room. Maybe he should think about cleaning it up a bit later.

"Are you hungry?" As if on cue, Piers's stomach grumbled loudly enough to let him know. He saw the embarrassed look on Piers's face and couldn't help laughing as he headed for the door. "I'll put something on for you to eat. In the meantime see if you can handle some of the crackers first."

"Thanks." Piers made his efforts to get out of the bed but Chris was already heading out the door. There was no reason to stress himself out. If Piers really did know Wesker in his past, then Chris would have to wait for his memories to fully reawaken to find out. Downstairs Leon and Claire were lounging around on the couch. He could feel Leon's eyes following him all the way into the kitchen before his partner decided to join him.

"How's the pup doing?"

"Starving," Chris said looking for something that wouldn't upset Piers's stomach. Piers didn't look like he was feeling as sick as before but something like a steak dinner could be a little much. Still he didn't want to seem cheap by making chicken and noodle soup even if it was helpful against queasy stomachs…most times. A sandwich maybe?

"You ok?"

"Hm?" Chris paused in his search of deli meat in the refrigerator to look back at Leon, confusion evident on his face. "What are you talking about? I'm fine."

"That look you had on your face when you came down sure didn't look fine." Chris scowled at him grabbing the turkey meat from the fridge and closing it moving to the counter. He paused seeing Leon leaning on the counter in his way of getting to the bread and frowned at the other male.


"Not until you answer my question. What happened?"

"Nothing happened."

"Something happened or you wouldn't be getting this agitated right now."

"….." Leon stared into his chocolate eyes defiantly. Chris tried to glare back at him but the affectionate sound of Wesker's name being whispered from Piers's lips tripped him up enough to look away. The sound of feet heading down the steps let him know that Piers was up and moving around. "…I…I'll tell you about it tomorrow on the way to TRICELL."

Leon didn't seem convinced at first but as the two of them heard the feet making their way to the kitchen, he relented giving only a nod before he walked by and gave Chris a quick pat on the shoulder. Chris glanced over his shoulder noticing the curious look that Piers gave Leon on his way out of the kitchen before a small frown appeared on his lips and he sent accusing eyes in Chris's direction.

"Is something wrong?" he asked already starting to head his way over.

"Nothing," Chris responded turning around and grabbing the bread from the breadbox placing two slices down on a plate. "Anything you want on your sandwich? Just be careful you don't make yourself sick. Claire already blew chunks this morning. I don't want to have to clean up two places."


"Just meat is good," Piers said coming close beside him making him tense up a moment as he glanced over at him. He was suddenly reminded of his multiple forced choices in costumes last night. Chris could remember the two costumes vividly well. Honestly, he was glad he was so preoccupied last night with what Piers said to get a chance to think about the two outfits. Otherwise, he was sure Monstro would have showed up.

The sandwich was created quickly with the addition of just meat on it. He was nice enough to cut the sandwich in half before handing the plate to the Semi trying not to flinch when the other's fingers brushed his. The words popped into his mind again from last night and he found himself looking down staring into the Semi's eyes before he cleared his throat slipping past the younger male. "Eat up." He left his words there heading to the living room not missing the feeling of eyes burning into his back. Coward. Why was he being such a coward about this?


They'd avoided each other the rest of the day. No, it was more like Chris avoided Piers all the way up until night came again and he fell asleep. Without the use of booze, Chris once again found the Semi sleeping beside him upon waking up. Except this time instead of taking advantage of it by staring down at the Semi, he'd carefully eased himself out of his makeshift bed and into a much needed shower. Because, despite the fact that Piers once again whispered out Wesker's name, Chris felt like he needed to get rid of the ugly monster known as Monstro.

He was heading to TRICELL now, glad that Claire was here to take Piers to BSAA headquarters. He needed to be looked after even if he didn't believe it himself. He'd already left instructions for Marco to watch over the young recruit. Even if Piers could probably excel in a fight against the rest of Alpha Team, he still had a lot of training to go through as far was discipline. For instance, learning to call Chris by rank was the first thing to learn right alongside respect for his superiors. At least he wasn't trying to glare Leon into the dirt.

Speaking of Leon, he could feel the other's eyes staring at him from the passenger seat. He remembered his promise from yesterday to explain what was on his mind and found himself giving a sigh of defeat as he finally spoke. "You still want to know what happened, huh?"

"What, were you hoping that I'd forget?"


"Well…I hope you haven't forgotten that I do worry about your wellbeing." He leaned back in the seat closing his eyes as he tilted his head back like he was going to take a nap. "The same for Claire and probably for the pup too." He frowned a little before he leaned in closer starting to stare at Chris again. "What happened when you went to check up on the pup?"

"At least try to call him Piers," Chris said frowning. But he kept speaking anyway not really looking for clarity at the moment. "Remember the day Piers was acting weird?"

"…That's every day."

"Just shut up and listen," He said shaking his head. "It was the day you said Monstro must have scared him." He looked ahead slowing as he came up on the red light. "…I found out the night before that I told Piers I might love him."


"I-I didn't know I did it!" Chris yelled out quickly looking over at him. "I…maybe in my sleep I guess I said it." He looked at the road again seeing the light change once more and eased off the breaks starting to move forward again. "The night we got drunk and went to bed, Piers came over and told me he might love me too."

"…And what did you say back to him?"

Here Chris blushed glad he was driving so he didn't have to look at the man. "I…I was pretending to be sleep at the time so…." He sighed sure that Leon had a lifted eyebrow looking at him. "But that's not the problem. Yesterday morning he…when I went to check in on him I was…" Geez, how did he explain something like that? Just admit to being a creepy molester? "…Checking to make sure he wasn't feeling sick when he ended up saying Wesker's name. And…the way he said it wasn't…normal."

"…What did you do to the pup?"

"I didn't do anything to him!" Chris yelled out glaring at Leon before quickly turning his eyes to the road again glowering in frustration. "He just…the only thing I did was pat his head like usual and he…he said it." Well it was close enough to the truth anyway. Though he was pretty sure that Leon didn't buy it. "I can't help thinking that there's something there…that maybe he and Wesker were…." He fell silent there not really wanting to think about it.

He'd done well this past year of not thinking about the older man. Chris was slowly moving past the fact that Wesker was dead even if he was fully determined to find his murderer. The fact that Piers had shown up with subtle signs that he may have known Wesker as at least an acquaintance…or more couldn't have been a coincidence. Maybe he needed to work harder on getting Piers to regain his memories. Maybe Wesker's death was the reason for why Piers couldn't remember his past, some sort of trauma to the brain or something. Either, way he'd get to the bottom of it and seal this problem away once and for all.

"We're here," Chris said pulling into the parking lot of the TRICELL building. Leon had been silent since Chris had last spoken. He might have been thinking about what all Chris said over the course of their short ride, but now a glance at him showed completely focused eyes set on the mission ahead. Ricardo Irving. TRICELL. These two things would lead them to the answers they were looking for. Someone was trying to kidnap Semi for some sick experiments and murder. They needed to find this person and put a stop to it. There was no telling what other things this place could be doing or hiding. He wondered if these were the same people that had attacked them in the parking garage. The people they had killed didn't have any identifying features besides looking like wannabe thugs meeting up for a shootout. But thugs didn't have snipers…at least not as far as he knew. And not as skilled as that either.

He was pretty sure they were surprised to see that they had their very own skilled sniper as well. Granted he would have preferred Piers not being brought out in public at all considering that Semi seemed to be getting targeted a lot lately.

"Hopefully this will be quick," Leon said getting out of the car already wearing his lab coat. Chris followed him out wearing his own white coat and only paused to slip on the fake glasses before the two of them started moving towards the building, Chris tossing the car keys to Leon who easily reached up and caught them in one smooth motion.

"We're aiming for the elevator," Chris said quietly to him. "We'll have to do something to not look so suspicious until he arrives."

"Like not hang inside of the elevator like creepy stalkers?" Leon asked smirking as he said the words. It helped Chris to calm down making him smile at the little joke.

"Yeah," he said responding as he opened the door. "Let's just try to be as inconspicuous as possible."


Ricardo Irving was a much bigger loudmouth than Chris had been expecting. Honestly, how had he not noticed the guy at BSAA? He was busy heading for the elevator, a brief case in hand as he paused loudly mouthing off at a couple of scientists standing in the vicinity before continuing on. All the scientists, minus the two of them, were quick to leave the area including the ones that had just been provoked.

Chris had heard a small rumor since his time back within the TRICELL building. Mainly the fact that Irving didn't always take the elevator alone. Sometimes there were guys with dark hoodies and shades that joined him. And in a couple of rare cases, other scientists would be forced to join him as well only to never return. It was assumed that they were fired since there was usually some form of argument and a threat of termination before they entered.

Today, Ricardo came along with two guys in hoodies. The look he gave to Chris and Leon upon seeing them still standing there showed frustration and maybe a mild case of amusement. Guess they were supposed to leave when the others did. Well this was a good opportunity to see what Ricardo could do.

"You two," Ricardo said his voice sounding nasally like he was talking through his nostrils while having an accent like he was from Brooklyn. It was almost hard to explain but it was like he had a hard time breathing so his voice would come out almost squeaky at times. "What are you doing still here?"

"Working, sir," Leon said first being the easier of the two of them at talking to their enemies…well at least without punching them in the face first.

"You must be new here," Ricardo said slowly, his jagged stare visible as he stared up at them with a slightly gaped mouth. "What are your names?"

"Jon Stewart," Leon said not even batting an eye at the lie.

"Robert Bakery," Chris said refusing to let the lie shine through his eyes. He was normally not the type to lie easily, but something like this, something that was really nothing more than a mission made it easy to do if it meant taking down something threatening.

"Jon…Robert." A small smirk appeared on Ricardo's lips not looking the least bit kind as he turned around heading for the elevator. "Since you're new you'll be of some use in helping with my experiments." Considering the guy dressed like he was part of the mafia, the last thing Chris could imagine was the guy having any real involvement with science. Exactly what was he planning to do? The two guys in hoodies moved behind them giving a shove to indicate they start walking too. "Sorry I can't give you an option."

"We're scientists," Leon said smiling. "Our lives are devoted to experimenting."

"Then enjoying the free ride in the Irving Express!" As the elevator doors closed behind them, Ricardo took out the elevator key placing it inside a panel on the side and turning it sending the elevator travelling downwards at top speed. Leon glanced up at Chris at that moment, his face blank though Chris could easily read what the other was thinking. This was a little too easy for it to be a coincidence. Still they were where they wanted to be and hadn't had to bother with breaking their disguise and physically beating Ricardo up to get the key.

If it wasn't the slow descent, the soft ding of the elevator doors opening up was enough to let them know their destination had been reached. "Welcome to Irving's humble abode!" Ricardo pushed past them starting to walk as he led the way down the narrow halls. Once again the two guys behind them pushed them out forcing Chris to have to restrain himself from reaching out and decking the guys in the eye. The walls, ceiling, and floor of the hallway were completely see-through made of a clear material that had to be sturdy for people to even trust walking on it.

The sight of fish swimming by let him know that the part of the structure they were going to was made completely underwater. It was like being in an aquarium. The Alpha Team Leader wondered for a moment what Piers would have thought of it. No, he was sure the other would be too focused on the man up ahead to actually care about something like this.

At the end of the hallway was a door that led into what appeared to be a rather large, underwater facility that he was pretty sure even the BSAA didn't know about. Ricardo used a keycard at the door, only pausing to administer an eye test and a fingerprint scan before the door beeped and they were admitted in. Chris glanced at Leon. There wasn't any need to go any further into the enemy's territory, not when they had no idea what it was they were walking into.

"This is as far as we go, Ricardo Irving." Chris pulled his gun out quickly pointing it at the short statured man the same time Leon turned pulling two guns from his hips pointing them both at the hooded men. Ricardo didn't even look phased, his stare almost taunting before he laughed out mercilessly.

"You think you have me cornered like a rat, huh?" He laughed again, Chris not losing his focus on him even though his actions seemed odd. He should have been quaking in his boots or at least looking a little bit like his plans hadn't worked out. But this man looked like he was on a field trip that was becoming the best day ever. "You have no idea who you're dealing with Mr. Bakery." His droopy eyes turned mischievous as he took a deliberate step back despite Chris's steady aim on him.

"Don't move."

"Is there something you're afraid of…Mr. Redfield?"

The gun wavered, Chris's eyes blinking slowly as he stared at the man feeling the shock. "…What?"

"You heard me correctly, Chris Redfield," Ricardo said sneering at him smugly. "Did you think I wouldn't know it was you? I worked for BSAA dumb dumb!"

"We've never met," Chris said keeping his eyes trained on him. "You wouldn't know me."

"Correction," Ricardo said stepping back again as someone stepped in front of him. Chris saw the danger before he had the time to react, his gun coming up a second too short as a shot was fired at him and he felt a string in his chest. "It's you who doesn't know me." He felt his vision swimming, his eyes flickering down to the dart sticking out of his chest before he fell backwards hearing Leon yelling his name. From his area on the ground he could see Leon struggling to fight back, saw the dart shoot into Leon's back stopping him before his own consciousness left him to the sound of Ricardo's annoying chortle.


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My Pet Peeve 12
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(Contains: sexual themes)
Summary: It should have just been a regular morning for Chris Redfield. He should have been just heading out for his usual every day job. So why did he wake up to find a certain puppy eared male in his bed?

Pairing: Nivanfield

Author's note: I shoulda been done with this last weekend. XD But work was just murder I swear. Anyways, it's a little longer of a chapter and I think you guys will really enjoy this one.


My Pet Peeve 11

The TRICELL building was a lot easier to get into than Chris had expected once they had the right getup. The white lab coat Chris wore had the name Casey Johnson stitched onto the front of it. Plastered on his face was a pair of nonprescription glasses that seemed to enhance his features. Leon tried to get him to shave but he refused saying he needed a little bit of hair there for warmth. He just made it up to keep it…but they both knew that. If he was going to pretend to be a scientist then he'd pretend to be an unkempt, never sees daylight, scientist.

They split up to scope out the area better, Chris taking the west wing while Leon took the east. He blended in well with the other scientists hunching his back as if he spent many years bent over research. It also helped serve to hide his much taller status. None of the labs contained anything of interest having mostly plant experiments inside or specimens that were being tested.

The size of the building sort of reminded him of a small high school giving just enough room for what needed to be done. But it was only one of the three spread out around the city and didn't account for the many others stretched across the state. It was literally just a shot in the wind to see if this one had what they were looking for. For Irving to have been hiding among the BSAA, it had to be one of the three buildings in the city, right? The better part of his morning was wasted on listening into conversations about frog experiments and searching for hidden doors. Come midday, the two met again at a nearby café for lunch and to hopefully discuss their findings which Chris had none to offer.

"So…find anything?" Leon asked, stirring his cup of coffee as he stared up at him.

"Nothing…not a damn thing," Chris said in response, not sure if he was answering to the mission or to the menu in front of him. He sighed, resting his chin on his hand as he stared down at the menu still trying to debate on what he wanted. Turkey sandwich? It didn't sound like enough to him. Plus, not everyone could make a turkey sandwich…a good one anyway. He wished he'd picked the place to eat but Leon insisted that they come here. The sight of steaks on the menu put a small smile on his face before he could stop it, his mind thinking of a certain cute Semi that had an addiction to the sweet, tender taste of sirloin beef. "How's the steak here?"

"Horrible," Leon said frowning. "I'd stay away from it. Their specialty lies in their fresh garden salads. They're the best around."

"…I didn't come here to lose weight."

"And I think it's not a bad idea to eat this stuff called vegetables every once in a while." Leon smirked at the scowl Chris sent his way before taking a sip of his coffee. "They'll make you big and strong."

"I'm already big and strong…"

"…I'm not talking about Monstro." At the look Chris sent him, the other man chuckled lowering the glass again. "Have you talked to the kid about it yet?"

"I haven't had the chance," Chris said sighing. "Claire attacked me before I could get him to talk about it. But he said Monstro had nothing to do with it." Meaning Chris was still bothered by the thoughts of what Piers had meant. What had he done then if not that? "Anyway, we're getting off track here. Have you found out any information pertaining to that guy?"

"Nadda. It was like going on a blind date. I wasn't satisfied with the results." Leon paused, the two of them giving their orders to the waitress and waiting for her to leave before continuing. "So how were things on your side?"

"The same. I found nothing but people talking about plants, family, and one weirdo talking about making a hybrid dog lizard. I doubt he'll get far." The guy looked like a wack job anyway.

"So it sounds like TRICELL's just your average, typical pharmaceutical company."

"No, it just means we're looking at this the wrong way. If they're going to hide something, they're going to make sure it's somewhere no one can see. The people we saw today are just your average workers thinking they're working at a company that thinks of the world's better good. They don't have a clue about the underhanded stuff going on in their own work place."

They got quiet again as their meals came. Chris ordered a philly cheese steak that smelled better than it tasted. The bits of fatty meat didn't help much before he found himself just leaving the sandwich on the plate and staring an envy at Leon's enormous salad before the other smirked and held his hand out offering him some of it. His pride was too strong though as he shook his head and more or less just picked over the sandwich eating at the bread and drinking his sweet tea. At least that was good.

"Ugh, did you guys hear? That creepy Irving guy is coming back on Monday." The voices came from the group of TRICELL scientists sitting at the booth behind them. Chris's eyes flickered up to Leon's in the middle of drinking his tea. He saw the look of understanding returned as the two listened to the group. This was the information they were looking for. Apparently, the scientists didn't feel the need to be quiet. Maybe because most of the people here were from TRICELL? Or maybe it was because they didn't really know what the person they were talking about really did for a living.

"Seriously? I hate that guy! He's so…ugh!"

"He's not normal, that's for sure. Maybe that's why he has his own special office away from everyone else."

"Yeah I got kicked out of the elevator once when he tried to use it. And his voice is so annoying!"

"I just hope he doesn't bring anything weird with him this time." The group got quiet again as they started eating the food brought out to them. Then once their conversation turned to more mundane things like having to work on Saturday and what they planned to do on their day off tomorrow. Chris paid for their meal leaving a tip on the table before he left out of the restaurant with Leon, carrying a to-go drink with him.

They didn't speak until they reached Leon's car and Chris drove them out of the parking lot of the small café. It was obvious the elevator is what lead to the hidden floor containing Ricardo Irving's special little haven. "Alright…so we know what we have to do then." Leon glanced over at him before he continued to speak. "I'll get in touch with my contact and see about getting some more information on what's happening on Monday. In the meantime, there doesn't seem to be a reason for us to return to TRICELL today."

"We need a copy of that elevator key," Chris said frowning as he turned the corner heading for home. "With that we won't need Irving to get down into his little secret base."

"Or we could always just beat Irving up and take the key?" Leon smirked. "Guy looks like he could use a good beating." Chris shook his head though it didn't stop the chuckle from slipping out his lips. He couldn't blame Leon. Even he wanted to beat the guy into next week. And he hadn't even met him yet.

At the next red light, he paused to discard the white lab coat, Leon doing the same as they tossed the two coats into the back seat before Chris folded up his glasses sticking them in the glove compartment. He looked up, seeing an advertisement board with the words, "have you sprayed or neutered your pet today?" The words threw him off as he blushed thinking about Piers and wondering if Semi even got in heat. The mental images of Piers trying to grind against him while having a sexy look in his eyes wasn't helping him keep things under control one bit. He glanced over catching sight of Leon's grin and felt his cheeks heat up more as he cleared his throat, grateful for the green light as he started moving.


"Shut up. I don't want to hear it."

Leon laughed leaning back in the chair resting his arms behind his head. "Geez, you're not even giving me a chance to speak."

"Because I already know you're going to pick on me about something."

"Not a thing," Leon said though the smirk was still on his face. "So do you want me to help make some jello shots for tonight's game?"

Chris relaxed some at the change in subject, missing the dangerous smirk as he kept his eyes on the road. "Of course. If we're going to be tortured by her penalties, then I'd rather be drunk when it happens."

"Think your little pet gets friendlier when drunk? I doubt he'd have much complaint about Monstro then." The implications were there without Leon having to go into details on it. It didn't stop the redness from growing in Chris's cheeks more.


"I'm joking," Leon said laughing again as he looked out the window. "But I can't help it that you're making this easy for me." The suave eyes glanced over at him then. "…You think they're still shopping?"

"I'm hoping they are." The look of determination took over for the embarrassment he had earlier. "We have to find those costumes before Claire gets back."

"Right." The look on Leon's face grew serious as he looked up ahead seeing the house. "Looks like they're still gone." He glanced at Chris. "We have to find those clothes and burn them."

"I doubt we could get away with burning them without her noticing," Chris said parking the car glad to see that his own vehicle was still missing. "But we do have to get rid of them." Because there was no way he was wearing that sailor outfit ever again. He'd even been forced to shave his legs and felt like the gayest sailor to ever exist. Hell, the tooth fairy one had been at little slightly less humiliating than…no they were both horrible. Just really really horrible!

"I'm not wearing that tiger outfit again," Leon said frowning.

"You got lucky," Chris said grunting as he pushed out of the small car. "Hell, the mafia outfit she let you wear was pretty cool. And the pirate outfit wasn't that bad."

"Well you got to wear that nice samurai set."

"The shoes were murder…and I felt like my ass was hanging out the whole time." He frowned as he walked up to the door, pulling his keys out when he noticed the door was cracked. Had Claire forgotten to lock up? Gestured to the door with his fingers, Leon taking a look before his own features showed concern before he pulled out his hidden gun. Chris pulled out his own gun as the two men entered the establishment carefully, easing the door open as they slid inside looking around for anything suspicious. The first thing that threw Chris off was the balloons set up and floating around the dining room table.

His brows lowered in confusion as he crept his way towards the kitchen. The birthday cake sitting on the stove brought home what today was before he turned quickly finding the eyes of Leon and Claire staring at him as the yelled out, "Surprise!"

"Wait…you were in on this?"

"Well I was supposed to figure out how to get you out of the house this morning," Leon said laughing as he leaned back tucking his gun away. "Turns out you did it for me with the whole mission this morning." He shrugged his shoulders. "Two birds with one stone."

"Did you forget it was your birthday today?" Claire laughed walking over to him giving him a hug. "I swear you're getting more senile the older you get."

"Maybe I am," Chris said chuckling slightly despite himself. He frowned when he looked around searching for the Semi that should have been there as well. "Where's Piers?"

"I'm here," the Semi said, voice coming from the steps before he started his way down. The clothes he wore seemed a perfect fit on him, especially the cargo pants that didn't seem to sag at all like Chris's clothes had done, granted he kind of missed having sneak peeks at Piers's nude bottom. Chris thought he would avoid his gaze again but the hazel eyes looked straight at him even though his cheeks seemed to redden when they did. "Happy Birthday, Chris." He'd obviously gone out with Claire to get the new clothes though the change in personality from this morning seemed strange. Had Claire talked to him? Did this mean she knew what was happening and why Piers had been avoiding him? When he got the chance he was definitely going to have to get the answers out of her.

"Oh, by the way," Claire said, that innocent smile turning to something more wicked as she backed up. "I found some more costumes for us to use in tonight's game. I hope you guys are ready for them."

Leon grimaced at the words, resting a hand over his eyes in dismay. "We were too late, Chris."

"Yeah I see," he said sighing as he looked up finding his eyes landing on Piers again before he cleared his throat turning away. "Let's get these shots made before we start."

"Yeah and eat some cake because it wasn't cheap."


It was beginning again. Leon and Chris had already lost the first round against Claire being forced to wear the stupid costumes they were sitting in right now. Chris was probably the largest and grumpiest Winnie the Pooh the world had ever seen. Leon had been dolled up in a maid outfit looking anything but pretty to Claire's amusement. Even Piers had cracked a smile at that. The shots were reserved for the third round where everyone, costume or not, would be forced to take one before continuing the game. Each move would involve taking a shot. It was about the only time that Leon and Chris actually had a chance against Claire who had little tolerance for alcohol.

The second round was going on right now and Chris was the spinner. It wasn't helping to be able to watch Piers moving, his body bending in ways he didn't think was possible. Little helped keep him calm, meaning he could only hope the shots would at least cool his libido down. It didn't take long for Leon to be out, grumbling as he came to sit beside Chris as he waited for his next penalty.

"Hard to do anything in those heels, huh?" Chris couldn't help grinning at him.

"Gotta be better than that hot suit you're wearing." Leon smirked. "At least I can feel a breeze."

"Just don't let your balls fall out while you're in that thing. I don't want to see it."

"Mmm…" Leon didn't retaliate immediately but just leaned over whispering the next words. "Bet you'd rather see the pup's balls hanging out, huh?" Chris blushed unable to say anything in return as Piers looked over at him waiting for his turn and frowning with impatience as the position he was holding looked rather uncomfortable…and somehow provocative.

"Uh…right foot green," Chris said deterring the attention he was starting to gain. As Piers started to move, it was that one slip, that one bump against Claire's fingers that made him jump and caused him to collapse onto the mat before Claire joined him in the heap of twisted limbs.

"The pup lost," Leon said grinning big.

"No one asked you," Piers said narrowing his eyes at him, his ears flickering with annoyance. So he wasn't as bothered by Leon as he'd been in the past, but there was that bickering that happened between them now and again.

"And since you lost, it's penalty time," Claire said grinning big and ignoring the widening eyes of Piers before the young Semi made a face.

"I'd rather not," he said starting his path to crawl away ignoring how it had Chris staring at his ass and the swaying tail. Frowning, Chris reached out at the same time that Leon did, grabbing his cargo pants and tugging until they dragged the Semi back towards them.

"If we have to suffer with Claire's crazy costumes, then so do you," Chris said not taking no for an answer. Besides, he was a little curious about what Claire would make him dress up in. Well more than just a little curious. "Claire, go ahead and pull it out."

"Here it is." While the other two found themselves just staring at the outfit, Piers hid his face against the carpet in mortification. The one piece leotard bunny outfit was brown. Where the bunny tail should have been, it'd been cut off giving him a place to put his tail through. The ears were nowhere in sight turning it into a puppy outfit instead. And there was a set of paw print slippers and gloves to go with it.

"Please don't make me wear that," he said looking as if he'd just been told a ghost was haunting his soul.

"Make him wear it," Leon said grinning big and glancing at Chris obviously wanting this done for more than one reason. "Hell, if the rest of us had to wear our outfits, then he should have to too." It was only when his ears wilted in defeat after Claire whispered something in his ear that he finally relented, standing and taking the clothes in his hands before he rushed off to the bathroom. While they waited, they prepared themselves for the next game. Claire was going to be the game spinner this time around, meaning the three of them with their larger bodies were going to have a harder time finding dots to place their body parts on. Worse, they had to take the jello shots too.

The bathroom door popped open and all eyes in the room turned as one as the Semi stepped out. He was looking down, keeping his eyes on a spot on the floor as he let them survey the outfit. The leotard outlined the details of his body reminding Chris that he wasn't some fragile person but that he did have some obvious muscle definitions. Chris tried to keep his eyes above the waist but it was hard to with the package wrapped so nicely and the details of sexy legs that Leon had called womanly.

The large hands and feet looked comical on his body, his tail swaying with irritation as his ears flattened down on his head in embarrassment. He looked…absolutely adorable. This coming from the man in the Winnie the Pooh costume. Leon glanced at him, his smirk showing that he caught how Chris had been looking at the Semi. Clearing his throat, Chris turned his eyes away instead grabbing one of the jello shots.

"Wait, before you drink it." Claire stood up holding the spinner. "Remember that we all have to drink one shot before the next move."

"Right right, we got it," Leon said grabbing his cup and downing the shot easily. Piers frowned as he walked over and grabbed one, his nose moving down to sniff at the contents. "It's just fruit," Leon added in though there was a hint of a smirk on his lips.

Rolling his eyes, Chris walked over reaching to grab the shot from Piers. "There's alcohol in them. It's fine if you don't want to-"

"I-I'm fine," Piers said turning and swallowing the shot down quickly before Chris could take it from him. "I can handle myself." He walked away heading to his spot on the mat leaving Chris fighting off the urge to grab that tail or the twin cheeks that hung from the back of the leotard invitingly. Even though he only needed to take one, he grabbed two shots against Claire's approval and downed them hoping to drown out the image of Piers's ass from his mind. Sighing, he moved to take his place at the mat opposite of Piers. It was time to get this game started.

It was only seven minutes in when he started to have some difficulties. For one thing, the shots were starting to get to him. The mat looked like a blur to him, circles spinning in and out of focus the longer he stared at them. He was getting drunk…and he knew it. His second problem was the man crouched down beneath him who was staring up at him in a drunken haze and looking all that much more irresistible, his lips parted slightly. The next move shifted them all again, Leon dropping out as he fell to the floor unable to keep his focus any longer. Chris found his face close to the Semi's chest, his lips so close he could literally stick his tongue out and brush it against the small nub standing out against the leotard.

The following move messed with his alcohol induced mind, his hand resting on the circle as his arm pressed up against the Semi's crotch giving him chills. The Semi wasn't looking at him anymore, but his cheeks were red. Whether that was from the drinks or something else was left to debate though. Chris honestly didn't know if he was glad for the next move or not, missing the warmth that package provided him with. But the next move had him half on top of Piers, his nose resting up against Piers's neck like a dominating lover's. He could feel Piers's shiver each time his breath hit his skin. The BSAA leader literally couldn't hold himself back any further as he leaned in brushing his lips against the scented skin before lightly biting it, the Semi gasping out before his body slipped and he fell flat against the mat.

Chris looked down staring at the Semi that was looking up at him with a mixture of shock and…was that lust? But then he looked away quickly, swallowing before he rolled himself over to stand, unintentionally giving Chris a close up view of his butt while being smacked in the face with his tail.

"Whoa, Chris, you actually won?" Leon laughed, drunk off his ass as he drank down another shot, already wearing his next outfit of torture which was some ugly looking cheerleader outfit. He was just too drunk to even care anymore. Meanwhile, Chris was still stuck wearing the Winnie the Pooh outfit. Piers had already disappeared, taking with him his next outfit of torture that Claire hadn't even bothered to show to everyone because of how drunk they all were. Still, it'd be something to see before they ended the game.

Piers came back out and Leon literally fell over with laughter at the sight. It looked weird, staring at the polka dot dress. The red wig looking like it'd been fitted on sideways. Both striped stockings were sagging down his legs like he hadn't even bothered to pull them on right and strangely enough he only had one shoe on. It was literally like he'd just gotten stupid drunk…which he was.

Against his protesting, Claire grabbed his hand dragging him back into the bathroom, his tail the last thing seen before the door closed.

"Mmm, this has been a fun night," Leon said looking over at him and actually looking like he was enjoying himself. "So you thought about tonight's sleeping arrangements?" Crap, he knew there was something he forgot.

"Well," Chris used the couch to carefully pull himself up, his Pooh butt wobbling slightly before he straightened, waiting for the room to stop spinning before speaking again. "I forgot about that."

"How about this?" Leon sat up more carefully though he made no move to get up. "I'll take the couch and Claire can have the guest room."

"…And what about Piers?"

"He'll sleep with you, obviously," Leon said lifting a brow at the blush that appeared on his cheeks. No, that was the booze talking. "After all, didn't you say he liked to show up in your bed?"

"…What if I do…whatever I did last night again?" He paused sitting himself down on the couch to get his vertigo straight.

"Just suck it up and confront him tonight about it." He shrugged laying his head against the cool leather giving a sigh as if he'd felt some relief from just that small action. "He's drunk. He's not even going to remember talking about it."

"I'm drunk," Chris said frowning not afraid to admit it. "What if I forget about it too?"

"You're an experienced drunk," Leon said laughing cheerfully looking at the empty shot's mournfully like he wanted more. "You'll remember. You've been ugh…drunker, right?" He opened his mouth to respond but the bathroom door opening stopped him. Claire came out looking proud of herself as she giggled and stumbled tugging on the arm.

"Come on…come on out, puppy man." She kept tugging until Piers was pulled from the bathroom, a pout on his lips as he was forced out, stumbling slightly before he straightened again. How Claire had managed to fix Piers up in her drunken state, he didn't know. The whistle from Leon was much appreciative and Chris had to agree with him.

Piers looked hot. Both heeled, black shoes were strapped on correctly on his feet. His stockings had been pulled up circling above his knees properly and with much attention. His dress had been fixed fitting his thin form better and hiked up enough that tilting down would show the white bloomers beneath that he'd been forced to wear. And because of the bloomer's size, Chris assumed his tail had been tucked into the back out of sight. Makeup had been applied to his face, done much better than what Leon had suffered earlier, and the red wig had been fixed on his head correctly concealing his ears and covering his head with red curls. A small white bonnet fit on top of his head easily. He looked like he could walk the cat walk and gain everyone's attention.

"…So…is he some kind of sexy Raggedy Ann or something?" Leon asked, staring still.

"Correcto!" Claire yelled holding a finger up. She smirked and spun the finger around indicating for Piers to spin around as the Semi rolled his eyes and turned around slowly letting Chris see the back before he was facing them again, his eyes resting on Chris before he looked away. Ugh, was it that game again? Or was it just because of this situation? Of course he had just licked and bit Piers's neck earlier, hadn't he? "This would have been yours too Leon."

"Joy," he said lifting his eyes to the sky. "And what about Chris?"

"…Probably not so sexy Ann or maybe Andy. They did have a grandma looking one after all." She tilted her head in thought before shaking his head giving Chris some peace of mind as she let it go. "Anyway, since we're all pretty drunk and tired…mostly drunk, I think we should call it a night."

"I agree," Leon said pulling himself up to stand, his legs wobbling slightly before he swallowed. "Yeah…uh…I'm taking the couch so you can have the guest room, Claire."

"You're so nice," she said smiling though she didn't really look like she cared. Instead, she rushed over to Chris, not looking the least bit drunk as she leaned up kissing his cheek. "Night bro. Try not to cause and troubles tonight, ok?" She gave him a look like she was telling him to be good before she headed up the steps.

"Yeah…be good," Leon said grinning. "No Monstro's tonight ok?"

"Shut it and get to sleep," Chris said walking over to stand in front of Piers, starting to get a little nervous when the hazel eyes peeked up at him. "So uh…can you walk?"

"…They're not easy to walk in," Piers said frowning, Chris imagining that his ears were drooping right now. "I can't see how women move around in these things."

"It looks good on you," Chris said before cursing his drunken, loose tongue. "I mean it looks better than being a Winnie the Pooh." He gestured down to himself then feeling some relief when Piers looked him over and smiled.

"Yeah that one does look horrible," Piers said laughing slightly before it died down. He glanced over to where Leon was on the couch watching the two of them before he frowned narrowing his eyes. "What are you looking at?"

"Nothing," Leon said grinning. "Just watching the Winnie the Pooh trying to get a date with Raggedy Ann. This would be a fun story to tell to kids." He grinned bigger. "Especially the part about Ann being a guy in drag."

"I think you forgot you're currently in drag yourself, Mr. give me an A."

"Yeah, but at least I look like a guy in drag," Leon said laughing at the insult. "Hell, I did my own makeup, I have hairy legs, and I swear this is not something you want to see on a female cheerleader." He pointed to the scruffy chin and mustache.

Piers laughed at that relaxing some, his eyes blinking in that way that said he just saw double. "Well, I'm heading up to clean this off." He gestured to the makeup Claire took time to put on for him. "Like I need to feel any more awkward." He slid past Chris using the wall to catch his balance as he moved, having a hard time it seemed with the shoes. Chris followed his every move up the steps not wanting to admit that he actually tilted his head to the side to look under the skirt before Piers was going around the corner to the bedroom.

"If you're watching that much you might as well join him," Leon said laid out on the couch now as he lounged and cut the TV on for some background noise. "I'm sure he won't mind you washing his back…among other things."

"Stop that," Chris said scowling at him. "You keep making comments like I want him."

"Because you're showing signs of it," Leon said sounding frustrated like it should be obvious. "Maybe you don't notice it yourself, but you're practically drooling over him when you see him. Or do you think Claire just bought him those kinds of clothes for the benefit of teasing him." Because it was true. The two outfits they did see of Piers seemed rather…provocative. "Think, Pooh, think think think." He smirked when he said it tapping a finger against his head.

"Fine fine, I get it," Chris said scowling at him. "I'll do something about this but for now I'm going to bed." He looked towards the steps frowning.

"Those are steps," Leon said closing his eyes. "You use one foot in front of the other and eventually it's called inclining."

"It's also called declining when I kick you down them." He moved slowly, hearing only Leon's quick touché in response before making it up the steps. The trail of clothes from his bedroom leading into the bathroom made him pause, the heat from his cheeks quickly traveling down to his groin mentally seeing a naked Piers showering in his bathroom. It wasn't helping him at all, especially while being drunk, and especially not after seeing the panties by the door which were the last piece of clothing left behind.

"…I'll sleep on the floor," Chris said to himself gathering extra blankets and sheets as he made himself a small pallet to lie on before closing the bedroom door. He slipped out of the Pooh bear costume gratefully leaving him in his boxers and a t-shirt before he laid down just in time to hear the door open up. He closed his eyes, faking sleep even though he'd just told Leon that he would handle it. What was he supposed to handle? That he had a small crush on the Semi living with him? Crushes disappeared eventually. Besides, he wasn't rushing to look for a relationship when there was a threat of them disappearing one day. He'd dealt with that enough involving Wesker, even if the other man never knew about his crush on him.

Piers's feet sounded heavy as he walked getting closer. He slowed the nearer he got to Chris then started to pick up speed passing him before he seemed to hesitate and turned around getting closer to Chris again. He heard Piers's knees hit his sheets, held his breath when he felt alcoholic breath blow past his ear. The words that flew into his ear made his whole body go still. He felt his eyes shoot open in surprise but the young Semi was already moving to the other side of the bed, cutting off the desk light as he climbed in and let out a sigh for relaxation. But Chris couldn't bring himself to move, his cheeks feeling like they were burning as he replayed the words in his head.

"I think…I…might love you too."





^^ Hope you guys enjoyed all the costumes though I realize that Leon did lose three time, he got lucky about having to dress up the second time thanks to Piers's first time losing. ^^ Otherwise I believe Claire would have chosen a female police officer.
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